Places to stay near Alton Towers
Enjoy a great day out at one of the UK’s biggest and best theme parks!

Places to stay near Alton Towers

Alton Towers is the UK’s most popular theme park, with something for all the family. In the latest in our series of holiday guides, we take a look at all the great things you can do at this amazing family destination, which is only 13 miles from our Peak District holiday park

Have you got young children? Or perhaps you’re just young at heart? If you’re looking for thrill-a-minute rides and fun then there are few better places to spend the day than Alton Towers theme park.

Tell me more about Alton Towers!

The sheer size and scale of this place is hard to put into words. So vast is it that the clever folks at Alton Towers have divided it up into 12 themed regions, or lands. Each has its own vibe and is designed with a certain theme in mind. Here’s an overview of each of these lands…

Adventure Land: Home to the Spinball Whizzer rollercoaster, this land is more aimed at smaller children, with rides for little ones and plenty to keep them entertained.

Cbeebies Land: If your kids love CBeebies more than life itself (as most do) then this is place where they can get up close and personal to all their favourite characters and enjoy themed rides.

Cloud Cuckoo Land: As the name suggests, this is where Alton Towers bosses have let their imagination run wild. Here your little ones can take to the road with the whacky Cuckoo Cars Driving School or enjoy other rides including the Twirling Toadstool and Frog Hopper.

Dark Forest: A region that’s not for the faint hearted. Beyond the gothic ruins of the Towers, here you will find an abandoned raceway that’s home to Rita, a powerful rollercoaster and TH13TEEN, the world’s first psychoaster.

Forbidden Valley: One of the most popular lands at Alton Towers, the Forbidden Valley is home to home some of the UK’s most well-known rides. This futuristic zone is home to the Nemesis, Nemesis Sub-Terra, The Blade and Galactica, the world’s first rollercoast dedicated to virtual reality.

Gloomy Wood: Do you scare easily? Do you believe in ghosts? If you’re the sort who’s easily startled then this zone is perhaps best avoided. If, however, you have a fascination with the undead, then go right ahead but expect a few encounters with headless corpses and eerie tombstones…

Katanga Canyon: Get ready for adventure in this African settlement. Here you can enjoy a ride on the classic Runaway Mine Train or splash through the Congo River Rapids.

Mutiny Bay: Ahaa Me Hearties! Fairly warned be thee, says I! Mutiny Bay is where you’ll find a scurvy seadog or two… it’s also where you can enjoy some classic Alton Towers rides such as Heave Ho and Marauders Mayhem or learn more about an underwater world at Sharkbait Reef.

X Sector: Are you feeling brave? If you’re ready for a challenge (and haven’t eaten for a while) then head to this futuristic zone. Home to The Smiler the world’s first 14-looping rollercoaster. This land is also home to the might Oblivion vertical drop rollercoaster.

The Towers: Take a walk to this legendary zone and learn about the history of the park. Or, if you’re feeling, brave take a trip inside the haunted chambers, which are home to Hex (which might just leave you spellbound…)

The Gardens: If all that sounds like too much then the Gardens is the place to escape the madness. Enjoy a stroll through the valley or look down on everyone on the Sky Ride.

Towers Street: After a morning of adventure what better way to come down to earth with a bang than to spend some money in the shops, cafes and restaurants? Tower Street is where you’ll find everything you and your family will need to keep you going long into the afternoon, plus a few souvenirs, too.

Wicker Man: This land is home to the UK’s first wooden rollercoast in over 20 years, which has cost Alton Towers more than £16 million.


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