Peak District food tips from Sauced Here
Tuck in to some delicious local food and drink

Peak District food tips from Sauced Here

Ashbourne Heights has teamed up with Sauced Here to create delicious Peak District food packs for our guests. We asked Sauced Here founder and Chief Countryside and Proper Food Lover Luke Osborne to tell us more.

Where did the idea for Sauced Here come from?

On a self-catering weekend away with friends we ordered food from a supermarket, only to kick ourselves later when we discovered all the amazing local food shops. The idea for Sauced Here was born!

Tell us about the providers you work with.

Our Peak District food producers are the real stars in this story. Some have been perfecting the artisanal products and services they create over many family generations, and some have products with stories going back to the early 1800’s!

Sauced Here provides a service that does justice to that hard work and heritage by making it easier for the region’s visitors to find and buy from these fantastic craftsmen and women.

We hope that we can play a small part in supporting these local producers to stay in business for generations to come.

What’s the benefit of using Sauced Here?

A holiday maker coming to Ashbourne Heights faces two challenges: firstly their time on holiday is precious and finding ways to relax is important, and secondly they may not know the region they are visiting so don’t always get the chance to experience the best food that the Peak District has to offer. Sauced Here helps by giving visitors the chance to shop conveniently, locally and responsibly.

We visit each producer to collect a customer’s shopping and delivers it in one go at a time and place requested by the shopper.

We hand-pick the requested items from only the best local purveyors.

Shopping with Sauced Here directly supports around 35 local, independent businesses so that they can carry on making nice things for visitors to enjoy

How does the Sauced Here service work for Ashbourne customers?

The Sauced Here website works in the same way as a national supermarket – users can simply log on to and select from over 1200 locally sourced products from across the Peak District.

You can do a basic shop, source complex ingredients for a special occasion, buy local beers and alcohol, and even find gift.

Once you have picked your product, you can then choose where and when you want your items delivered.

Tell us about the food packs that are exclusive to Ashbourne Heights?

Rob, the Ashbourne Heights manager, is really passionate about the great things that can be found across the Peak District, so he sat down with us to create food packs that are specifically collated for your guests.

If there’s one Peak District food or drink a visitor has to try, what would it be?

For something sweet, the region is famous for the Bakewell pudding so these are a must try. They have a history going back to the early 1800’s and are perfect warmed up with a bit of Peak District Dairy cream.

For those preferring something savoury, cheeses have been made in Hartington since the 1870’s which, when accompanied by artisan biscuits from Ashbourne and Charlie’s Country Garden chutneys (made with ingredients from her allotment in Bakewell or wild foraged in the surrounding countryside), are sublime.

The area’s uniquely filtered and clean fresh water provides the perfect base for some of the best beer in the country if not the world and we even have a non-alcoholic replacement for a G&T made right here in Derbyshire!

To find out more and order a food pack, visit the Ashbourne Heights section on the Sauced Here website.